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Bohosew Workroom

A creative hub for Claire

A dedicated workroom occupies a sumptious corner of Holly Place. Clients can discuss their ideas in comfort.


Creations don't stop at blinds or curtains

Why not accessorise your living space with accompanying cushions in co-ordinating fabrics?

Roman Blinds

A great alternative to curtains

Handmade to measure for inside or outside recess. Blackout or thermal lined

Fabric Books

So many great collections to browse

Call for either a home visit or to persuse from the comfort of our workroom.


Cushions don't have to be square

Bohosew can create a great many different shapes and sizes with or without trim.

Curtain headers

Classic or Contemporary

Whether it's pencil, double or triple pinch, goblets, cartrige or wave, Bohosew will find what works best for you and with you.


Everything Bohosew does is by hand

Bohosew cares about quality as much as you do. Claire is a perfectionist, making everything by hand - and it shows.

Professionally Fitted

The service doesn't stop at creation

Remove the stress of fitting - Bohosew have fully insured professional fitters on hand.


It really is all in the details

Bohosew offer a wide variety of trim, piping, child-safe blind tracks and poles. Please call for a consultation.


Reviving loved items

Why not ask Bohosew to breath new life into much loved furnishings?

Bohosew Interiors

the home of bespoke handmade curtains, blinds & soft furnishings.